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Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

Imports and Exports – The importance of translation

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storage-containers-2Here at All-round Translations, we realise that companies within the importation and exportation industry have three main requirements that need to be met if they are to obtain success with regard to their use of professional translations: 

1)      Speed of Translations – The Import/Export industry moves at a rapid pace, with continual flow of new materials flowing in and out, and a corresponding need for documents of all types to be translated with an equal speed and agility.

2)      Affordable Translations – With a large volume of products that have a relatively low mark-up and require a high quantity of printed materials, most import/export companies need their translations to be value priced – without sacrificing quality.

3)      Accuracy of Translations – A poorly created, budget translation harms a company’s brand, dilutes the message, and ultimately – negatively impacts sales. Import/Export companies in particular need their translations to have a native-speaker standard that only a certified professional translation company can provide.

Here at All-round Translations we use the example of Coca-Cola: When Coca Cola originally launched in China, the Mandarin characters used meant its name literally meant “bite the waxed tadpole” – This was a massive error which could have been avoided with a better translation!

With globalisation being an ever-more important factor in the World of business, it is increasingly vital to communicate effectively with both current and potential customers in their native language.

There is no doubt that customers respond better to a service/process carried out in their mother-tongue – and with business booming in China and Brazil, companies are under increased pressure more-than-ever to break into these markets using the power of translation.

Translating all marketing materials, adverts, mail-outs and arguably most importantly, websites, will yield better results for sales, website traffic and brand-awareness and even the holy-grail of targets – higher customer retention (repeat customers).

All-round Translations has over 20 years of experience in professional, high-quality translation and can offer a free quote on almost any project, regardless of the size or speciality. Send us an enquiry and we can discuss how we can best transform your business from ‘Local to Global’.

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