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Monday, 15 July 2013 04:47

Say YES To Expansion

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Say YES To Expansion With the increasing need to do business with countries and companies that speak different languages to your first language, the question will arise whether to develop an in-house translation department or to hire external professional translation services...

Due to technological changes, companies are able to expand their product/service range on a global scale with the ability to contact the other side of the world with the touch of a mouse. Many companies however face language barriers when trading internationally and consider the need to develop an in-house translation department. Setting up your own translation department can be very costly. There is much more to consider than the cost of salaries. In addition there are recruitment costs, training and the need to purchase equipment such as computers and system software. Do you have the experience to identify what skills are needed? Do you have the time to read through hundreds of CVs? Translation services make it possible to access the skills, knowledge and experience you need instantly without the need to conduct endless interviews? Plus outsourcing to a professional translation company can be a much cheaper option than building an in-house solution. Outsourcing is the latest buzzword as many companies are realising the benefits and a translation company is similar to a one-stop shop – you can locate everything you need in one place without the need to shop around as they can translate to a vast number of languages. Whether your translation needs are French, German, Russian or any other, professional translators have the expertise and tools at their disposal to decipher your translation. A translation company is particularly useful when you have a piece of text that needs to be translated into many languages in a short space of time. Unlike online translations, a professional translation company will present you with a professional, accurate and consistent service. Take direction from the professionals leaving you to concentrate on what you do best. Save the time in recruiting and use this time to develop and market new products. Your customers are your priority; give them the service they deserve! For more information on professional translation and how it can benefit you, let us show you why you should choose All-round Translations.
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