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Monday, 15 July 2013 04:49

New Words Hit OED

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In March 2012, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced new words to be included in its latest edition. With trepidation and often amusement these new words that have infiltrated our popular culture are now raised to dictionary status.

The latest batch of words includes digital driven abbreviations such as OMG, internet speak for “Oh My god/gosh,” and LOL meaning” laughing out loud” and BFF “best friends forever.” Indeed the Editor at Large of the OED Jesse Sheidlower, commented recently on the BBC that these additions as “technology driven” As well as technology, food plays an important role with new words for coffee or types of coffee appearing regularly – “Flat white” being the latest which is a milk infused coffee. Popular culture is another major driver of new vocabulary. But the dictionary's editors insist they are not indiscriminate. Once a word makes it in, it is never removed even if it becomes antiquated the purpose of the O.E.D. is to exist as a comprehensive, living history of the language. Bearing in mind the O.E.D. adds thousands of words a year. For a complete list of new and updated words look no further than the O.E.D. online at
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